Podcast audio engineering

Let Someone Else Handle the Audio Engineering!

Podcasts have never been more popular, and that continues to hold true every day. But that means your podcast is more likely than ever to get lost in the noise of everyone else's! Since podcasts are, you know, an audio medium, the best possible way for your podcast to stand out to new listeners is for it to sound incredible. You only get one first impression, and it should be amazing!

Unlike other podcast editing farms, I'm a real person that you can talk to and I actually care about your podcast's success. (Seriously. There's no such thing as too many great podcasts!) That's why I make it my #1 goal to tailor my podcast audio engineering service to your content and schedule. 

Podcast audio engineering ensures that you're releasing high-quality episodes without sacrificing valuable time that you could be putting toward your business. A higher production value will not only help you keep recurring listeners, but it will also help you grow your audience with more positive word-of-mouth referrals. 

Podcast Audio Engineering includes:

  • Audio Repair: Repairing any clipping, clicks, hum, or pops in your recordings.

  • Noise Reduction: Filtering out background and environmental noise that may have been recorded.

  • Dialog Editing: Cutting any words, sentences, or sections that you want omitted from final episodes.

  • Music Editing: Aligning and fading music at the beginning and end of each episode.

  • Mixing: Processing and leveling each part of every episode for a pleasant and consistent listening experience.

  • Mastering: Making sure each episode conforms to the podcast industry’s loudness standards.

  • Revisions: Re-editing and re-mixing episodes before or after they're published if necessary.

What does all this mean for you and your listeners?

  1. Your podcast will be free of any undesirable noises or mistakes that are bound to happen in the recording process. At the end of the day, you'll have a clean and professional episode that offers minimal to no evidence of any correctional editing.

  2. Your listeners will hear what you want them to hear. Remove any words, phrases, or sections you think should be cut from the final episode or add dialogue that was recorded after the original episode.

  3. Your final episodes will sound balanced, warm, and above all pleasing. I use the same professional audio software and equipment used by countless recording studios around the world, so you're guaranteed to get high-quality results.

  4. Your final episodes can include seamless sound effects, musical cues, and ad spots that won't distract your listeners from your content. Well-edited transitions and balanced levels will help glue your episode together.