Who is The Podcast Engineer?

Passionate About Great Sound

10 points to you for finding the About Me page!


Hi, I'm Carl. I love sound and I love podcasts. And all I want to do is fill the world with great-sounding podcasts... Well, ok, maybe that's not all I want to do, but it's pretty close! 

Podcasts have never been more popular, and that continues to hold true every day. But that means your podcast is more likely than ever to get lost in the noise of everyone else's shows! Since podcasts are, you know, an audio medium, the best possible way for your episodes to stand out to new listeners is for them to sound incredible. You only get one first impression, and it should be amazing!

Unlike other podcast editing farms, I'm a real person that you can talk to and I actually care about your podcast's success. (Seriously. There's no such thing as too many great podcasts!) That's why I make it my priority to tailor my podcast services to your content and your schedule.