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Treat Your Listeners To

Quality Audio


You Do what?

Audio engineering is the mysterious art of making your podcast sound so good that your listeners don't even notice the work that went into it. 

Many podcasters underestimate the time and skill necessary ​for making their podcast sound like a high-quality, high-dollar production. 

This is where I can help...


How I Can

Help You

Hi, my name is Carl and

I'm the Podcast Engineer.


I know that a lot of hard work goes into making a successful podcast. 

I also know that one person working alone would go crazy trying to produce a podcast by themself.

My #1 goal is to make podcasting an absolute breeze for you.


I can help you launch your podcast—no experience required!

I can edit and mix your episodes to sound clean and professional.

I can manage your podcast hosting account.

I can even help you explore and integrate dynamic ads!

Once you're set up, all you need to do is:

  1. Hit record

  2. Talk into your mic

  3. Send me the audio files


I do the rest so you don't have to.